Welcome to Henry's Parts Depot!

The history of Henry's Parts Depot, located in Southern California, began in the 1970's with purchases of Ford obsolete parts from Southern California Ford and Lincoln-Mercury Dealers. The parts then went into storage for some thirty years. We are now bringing them out of storage and cleaning off the mothballs to make the parts available to you.

Our inventory contains Ford parts for the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and newer years! The parts in inventory are of Concours quality as they are original new stock, most numbers in their original packaging. We currently have inventoried and put a location on hundreds of N.O.S. part numbers. Our website inventory is being updated weekly.

Due to the large amount of part numbers in our inventory we are not able to break them into detailed descriptions, models and years. We do however, give you an online catalog of our inventory broken into Ford's basic sections. We also have catalogs and microfishe to look up any part number you need.

New Categories Added

While our main inventory is Ford N.O.S. parts, we have EXPANDED it to Chrysler-Mopar N.O.S.parts, G.M-Delco N.O.S. parts, and all make vehicles NON-O.E.M. parts. The non o.e.m. parts are new and purchased from Bendix, Perfect Circle, Moog, TRW, Spicer, Victor, Carter, Niehoff, Trico, and other Manufactures. We have converted most non o.e.m. numbers when possible to original equipment numbers. Many numbers may fit multiple vehicles and vehicle lines so if you do not have a part number, we will look it up for you.

Remember that although we have thousands of part numbers, most of our N.O.S. numbers are of a limited quantity in stock and many are extremely rare in availability. Also, our inventory consists of the original part numbers but we can look up superseded numbers from the original number.

Another Category Added

Because of the inability of crossing some part numbers to o.e.m. numbers we have added a section that you can access by vehicle, model year or years, engine size, and see a description of the part. Many of these parts fit different manufactured vehicles, domestic and foreign, and we have tried to include most of the vehicles that have the part in common. Again, we can look up the part for your vehicle if you don't find it in our inventory.