Part Search

At Henry's Parts Depot, we pride ourselves in carrying over 10,000 parts in our inventory! Most of our part numbers are original obsolete Ford parts, or "New Old Stock".

To get started, if you know the full or partial part number you are looking for, use the above search to see if we have the part in stock. If you do not have the part number contact us and give us the year, make, model and part you are looking for and we will use our catalogs and microfiche system to get the matching part number.

Search Tips:

  • Do not use any spaces, hyphens or any other separator when inputting your part number.
  • Be sure that you are typing in the correct numbers and letters. For example: An "l" (Lower-case "L") can be mistaken for a "1" (Number "one").
  • The second letter in the prefix of the part number is always a zero, not the letter "O".
  • Please keep in mind that a zero in the quantity field means that we have not inventoried and located that particular part.